Sealy Windermere Hotel Contract Mattress -

£ 399.95

Enhanced with luxurious memory foam youre guaranteed a truly extravagant sleeping experience with the Sealy Windermere Hotel Contract MattressThis sumptuous mediumtension mattress is doublesided and microquilted to ensure supreme comfort each and every night The PostureTech spring system provides your body with maximum support as you slumber making it the ideal choice for those who suffer with back problemsA part of the bespoke Sealy Hotel Contract collection you can trust in the unrivalled quality of the Windermere All Sealy Hotel beds and mattresses are fully compliant with UK fire safety regulations while all Sealy Hotel mattresses are specially treated to help eliminate bed bugs giving you ultimate peace of mind about your purchaseWith the Sealy Windermere Hotel Contract Mattress you can ensure that every guest at your establishment will have a fantastic nights sleep no matter what the length of their stay may be