Mammoth Performance Special 22 Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 449.00

The Mammoth Performance Special 22 has been carefully created to ensure a satisfying nights sleep and has been designed with innovative technologyMade using 22cm of revolutionary VMax castellated Medical Grade Foam this mattress will support your body helping you to relax and enjoy a peaceful nights sleep This awardwinning Medical Grade Foam has been designed in partnership with the Chiropractic Patients Association making it ideal for those who have been injured It has been crafted with a superior medium to firm firmness and offers tailored support to ensure that you and your partner have a perfect nights sleep At the core of this mattress is the advanced pressurerelieving cell structure technology providing enhanced comfort and soothing breathability reducing the risk of overheatingThe designers of this mattress have really thought of everything and it has been finished with a luxuriously soft knitted cover infused with Tencel fibres The added benefit of a removable and washable cover means you can keep your mattress looking as good as new It is also hypoallergenic for your convenience and the Performance Special 22 reduces the risk of dust mites for a healthier nights sleep This singlesided mattress means you only need to rotate your mattress every three months to keep enjoying optimum support